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Twitter Directory for the Climbing Community

by @theclimbergirl, blogging at http://www.rockclimbergirl.com

with a little help from her friends... 




The manual approach to a Twitter Wiki is just entirely too time consuming (who knew we were such a big, active, twittering community?  Um, we did!) so the talented Tom Markiewicz has taken this idea to the next level...


Please visit ThinkClimbing.com and poke around.  The site is new, so there may be kinks to work out... it's tough to filter the "non-climbing" Tweets and Twitterers from the climbing Twitterers, but our list from this Wiki is in Tom's hands so that folks who have self-identified can be picked up by his scripts.  


I'm going to leave the Directory up for awhile, since it's still getting traffic, and to try to funnel folks to the ThinkClimbing site, but won't be doing directory updates for the time being.  Thank you so much for connecting, and I look forward to chatting with you!




twittering at http://www.twitter.com/theclimbergirl




Old front page content:  


Over time, this will become a directory of climbers (loosely defined) and allies of the climbing community, who use the Twitter social networking tool. Climbers can use this form to submit their profiles. Commercial interests who support the climbing community are encouraged to submit their information through this form. You may also DM me on Twitter and let me know which category you'd like to be listed under.  


Communicating with the group

Add the hastag #climb to your messages if you'd like them to be easily found by the group. You can search on hastags here.


The List

Bloggers who Climb, and Climbers who Blog

Climbers who Tweet (in progress)

Shameless Commercialism (aka, Stuff to Buy)

Stuff to Watch, Listen To, and Look At

Friends and Allies of the Climbing Community 


web stats


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